Ads 1980-2000

Ad from Pakistan International Airlines published in 1979
It's interesting how this ad looks creepy after September 11th. The dramatic shadow and the dark sky doesn't look like a typical travel ad but we wouldn't probably noticed without the historical events attached to it. A good piece for every conspiracy theory addict.
1984 Apple Computer Ad
Apple is using 1984 references to show us that old boring computer company want to control our mind and that Apple can deliver us. Funny to look at it now and see how hard they are working to have control on our digital life ... while still beeing an "edgy" company.

Album covers 1960-1980

Expensive shit
It's all about constrast. The smiling face not noticeable at first, really adds to the contradictory feelings you have when watching this cover.
More Songs About Buildings and Food
The repetition on the cover and the "boring" album title works together. The band may suffer from the impostor syndrome or just trying to be modest.

Posters 1940-1960

Bitter Victory, 1958
The title of the movie and the image works well. The chain at the top of the image can also looks like the person is hanging which is a contradiction with the glorious war medal. Looking at the IMDB page of this movie was a real turn-off.
« Moscow is the capital of the USSR. » (1940)
This illustrates very well the contradiction between equality of communism and one powerful person taking adavantages of the situation.

Paintings 1920-1940

L'ange du foyer, Max Ernst
The main feeling in this painting is probably agressivity. There is also a exasperation feeling in the way the beast is moving, almost like someone who abdicates. It's interesting to see when Ernst made this painting and understand that feeling.
La femme qui pleure, Picasso
The deconstruction of the feeling is enhancing the sadness of the character.