Getting softwares and books*
for CART211

and see how do I use networks

* I know that books are not required.

1. Getting softwares Store :

A friend told me about a magic store,
called The Pirate Bay...

The Pirate Bay :

It was so cheap,
I could get the Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master collection
for the same price.

$2 599 on Store
$0 on The Pirate bay

2. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is based on P2P networks
which means every other person around the world
that has the file will send me parts of it.

Adobe Creative Suite 6 Master collection is a
7.14 Gb file

In binary, it is 571 200 000 000 times 0 and 1

If every 0 was a black sheet and every 1 was a white sheet

We could wrap 71 times Montréal island

3. Downloading through P2P

I started the download at 20:39 and
it was finished at 21:43.

The file was downloaded in 1 hour and 4 minutes from
0 countries and 0 cities around the world.

The data traveled through 0 km of wires.

4. Getting books

For the books, I went directly to Chapters with the idea
that I will ask a real person about the books.

So I took the subway to Chapters at 19:07...

At Chapters, I was looking for someone to help me
but they said I had to use this computer...

Anyway the book was not available in the store...

And it takes 1 week to get it by mail...

So I came back home after 46 minutes
and 2565 footsteps of pure pleasure.

5. Conclusion

Networks are getting faster and bigger.

Networks makes me save time and money.

We may take Internet network for granted but when we look at it,
the amount of data travelling trough wires
is incredible and fascinating.